Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

Travel and lodging


Except for the small Albergue Matmata and lodgings in the large towns (e.g. Tidjijkja), the Tagant Plateau lacks both places to stay and an extensive road network. Visitors will need the assistance of a guide who will help them to understand and respect the social conventions of the jasaniya-speaking local population. A 4x4 vehicle equipped for camping in the deseret is also absolutely essential. Water and food may be purchased in the larger settlements but vehicle fuel is not always widely available.


The friendliness and hospitality of the local inhabitants makes it possible to overcome these shortcomings. It is possible to negotiate with them for overnight accommodation in their jaimas (they never turn away a traveller in need.....), for food (meat) and for help in gaining speedy access to key places. A sensible option is to engage a specialised travel agency or, once in Tagant, to get the municipal authorities to assign you a guide, suggest lodging and advise on the organisation and conduct of your visit.