Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

Itinerary 5. El Gidya-Gendel (2 days).

Lioness Rocks

Starting from Igelvane, you cross a broad expanse distinguished by the Lioness Rocks. At El Gidya you can visit the Guelta of the same name, a crocodile-inhabited pool fringed by escarpments and an attractive palm grove. It is also an excellent place to see the typical livestock of the region.

El Gidya

Leila Cave, offering one of the most outstanding collections of rock paintings in Tagant, is near this town. The nearby Gendel valley, which is reached via a landscape of savanna and cliffs, has scattered rock paintings in various places. There are two good examples of baobabs in Gendel and El Gidya which deserve a visit.

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