Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

Itinerary 4. Tin Oudin-Cuevas Oscuras-Acharim (2 days).


There are three rock shelters along the course of the N'Beika-Tidjikja road. AcharimTwo of them (Tin Oudin and Acharin) need only short diversions of a few kilometres but the Dark Caves - one of the most interesting shelters - are very far off. We suggest a trip starting or ending at Acharim, according to whether you begin from the north (Tidjikja) or the south (Moudjeria). From the south a diversion is needed at Igelvane to visit the shelter of the guelta Tin Oudin.

Returning to the road you begin the long journey to the Dark Caves. You can go on from there to Acharim where you can stay overnight and then visit the paintings in the nearby rock shelter next morning.

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