Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

Itinerary 3. Marshla-Jouseiniya (1 day).

Tamourt Marshla

Starting from the road between Moudjeria and N´Beika take the road which leads to Marshla across a great dune system. This resembles a prairie during the rains but the golden colours of the sand return during the dry season.

Palm grove. Husseiniya

The Tamourt Marshla and its surrounding woodland may be viewed from this road. The lake is easily visible from the town of Marshla and here large numbers of European waterfowl may be seen between December and February. From here too, the road following the valley southwards leads to the small lake of Ikini Mowlud, bordered by a green fringe of vegetation and escarpments covered by multicoloured sands.

In Houseinya there is the large Lake Bouraga and its impressive palm grove, planted at the edge of a sparkling brook. Traces of monitors and crocodiles are readily seen here.

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