Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

Itinerary 2. Nbeika-Guelta Matmata-Guelta Tkhsutin (1 day).

Crocodile. Matmata

After leaving N´Beika, a road passes near Tamourt Naaj where acacia woodlands alternate with cultivated land. After passing near Daar El Salam the road crosses the sandy bed of the oued which descends from Matmata.


The Albergue Matmata lies immediately beyond and from here there is access to the guelta of the same name. It comprises a large pool which receives a great influx of water during the rainy season, this stained red by the desert sands. This impressive site offers sightings of the large crocodiles which inhabit the pool.

Afterwards it is also possible to visit Guelta Tkhustin, an open guelta in the middle of a great sebja of polished rock. Crocodile tracks are easily seen in the sand between the pools and rocks of the watercourse.

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