Macizo de Tagant

Macizo de Tagant

IItinerary 1. Moudjeria-Lago Gabou-Ksar al Bark. (2 days).

Shafar hill

The town of Moudjéria was built by the French colonial government to control access to the Tagant Plateau via the Echetef Pass. From the Pass, which is reached along the N'Beika road, you can overlook the town, with its fringing dunes and the mountainous peaks of the Plateau. Beyond the pass there is access to a road which runs east of Shafar hill, towards El Tintan.

That town is near Tamourt Dekla, a beautiful, palm-fringed lagoon. A short distance (20km) further north you reach Lake Gabou, where the Tagant water catchment disgorges. The lake seems emerald-coloured from afar. At closer quarters the lush green of the fringing vegetation catches the eye and here may be seen gallinules, herons, ducks and other aquatic birds.

A visit to Ksar al Barka involves following the course of the Wad el Abiod (White River): the rewarding sight of the spectacular ruins of this former caravan staging post awaits.

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